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Cassandra is the Founder of CAS Families, The Building Blocks Program Developer, and Certified Positive Discipline and Parenting Educator. She noticed that many children who were referred to Occupational or Speech Therapy had gaps in their developmental skills, and that children were being sent to school earlier each year, where the focus was more on academics than on a child's development. These gaps in typically developing children could easily have been eliminated by some focused playful activities guided by the parent or caregiver. She obtained her Certificate in Child Psychology and DIR Basic Floortime certification and put her skills into practice with her own children as a homeschooling mom. Here is when she realized that if parents knew what types of activities to do with their children to close these gaps in development, many hours and a lot of money could be saved not being spent on avoidable therapy sessions. She made it her mission to help families and children develop to their full potential, and so Building Blocks Program, Franchise and Playgroups were born with the aim of building a solid foundation for development from birth to first grade. For any questions relating to the program, child behaviour and child development, please contact Cassandra at:




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