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Behaviour Change

Techniques to coach your child into developing healthy habits and getting them out of the ones that might not be so healthy

Expert: James Clear

Positive Parenting Conference by: A Fine Parent


How do you get your child to pack away their toys after playing with them?

Children are very visual, so one strategy is to take a photo of what that room should look like when it’s tidy, and put it up where your child will see it to encourage them to pack away and tidy the room once they are done playing.


How to encourage your child to change a habit / behaviour and increase favourable behaviours: 

Allow them to do something they WANT to do, after / while they’ve done something they NEED to do.

Eg Pairing: Fold the laundry while watching tv.

Note: Don’t pair conflicting habits. (eg. Drinking a milkshake after eating healthily).


Master the “art of showing up”. Start simple. Do something for a short amount of time and improve it over a period of time.


Ensure that the external reward doesn’t conflict with the internal identity that you’e trying to build. External rewards may help you to get to that place where the internal identity is built.


Habit tracking gives you visual proof of the progress that you’ve made and motivates you to continue. (Eg. Keeping track on a calendar).



How to make homework a good habit:

  1. Remove distractions, including applications on phones / PCs.

  2. Only use certain devices specifically for homework.

  3. Having markers / sharpies etc. out already in the designated homework area when your child is home, ready for homework.

  4. Lock devices away if temptation is difficult.

  5. Have a clear plan for how homework is initiated. See the Homework Schedule for Kids available here.

  6. Surround your children with positive peers and friends. (eg. If your friends want to have good grades then your child would most likely want / be motivated to have good grades).

  7. Make the first action easy (remove all causes of friction) e.g. Having all the necessary stationery and equipment out for your child ready to use for their homework / having a clear space for them to work.

  8. You want your child to feel successful, proud and motivated by the end of their homework: praise the good work.

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