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Who We Are

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Cassandra Treges is a certified Positive Discipline and Parenting Educator, and is the founder of CAS Families, as well as one of the Directors of The Consciously Connected SA. She developed The Building Blocks Home Education and Early Childhood Development Program for babies and children from birth to age 7  which covers all the fundamental areas of development, and is the owner of The Building Blocks Baby & Toddler Sessions and The Building Blocks Playgroup. Together with her certification in Child Psychology and Basic DIR Floortime she merges the understanding of child development and behaviour, specializes in communication that fosters a cooperative parent-child relationship that is based on mutual respect, and advocates positive and conscious parenting principles through play!


Cassandra consults with and trains parents, nannies, aupairs and professionals in child behaviour and development. She also offers parenting resources and products, positive discipline workshops, parenting courses, tutoring (specifically in child-led, interest based education and development), and talks at events.


Cassandra believes connection through communication (both verbal and non-verbal) is the answer we are looking for. She believes in empowering both parents and children, and that as awareness grows, behaviour goes.


Through her own parenting journey and work, she realised that much of our lives as adults and our relationships are shaped by our childhood and relationship with our parents. The way in which we are brought up, and how our parents communicated with us as children have a large impact on many aspects of our lives.

Her aim is for parents and caregivers to better understand developmental stages of a child in order to understand and address behavioural challenges in homes, that parents and professionals can better communicate with children, that children are better understood, a mutually respectful relationship is formed and that a balance can be obtained so that both parents and children develop to their full potential.


Her goal is also to empower parents in their parenting journeys, to make decisions that work for you, not what society dictates you should be doing. You know your child better than anyone, you are the expert on your own child, and she creates a non-judgemental and safe space for you to share all your concerns. 

To conclude her story, Cassandra is a mom to two handsome boys. and resides in beautiful Cape Town, where she continues to follow her passions, ensuring they live each day to the fullest.

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