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Your Short Course is here!

This course will help you to become the empowered parent you want to be.

This course is for you if you're ready to start connecting with your child using tools and strategies that have been tried and tested by me, and that work!

According to research, ... Isn't this what you want for your family? That is why you need this simple yet effective course to teach you exactly that! In this FREE course, you'll receive the knowledge to empower your positive parenting journey and skill set to handle situations more consciously, with calmness and more ease the more you practise!

This is the best tool for 

Register NOW before the course ends! It's FREE, and will only be offered for free for a limited amount of time!

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About Your Instructor

Cassandra Treges

For almost 10 years, I have worked with families and children, putting all the techniques, tools and strategies I have learnt and acquired into effect. Not only were they effective with the children I worked with, but also with my own child, where I really "reaped the rewards" of the knowledge I had gained from my past experience. 

I specialize in working with parents of children 1-12 years old because these are the foundational years in both a child's and a parent's development!  Most parents are just winging it as they go along.  I help parents become more intentional about their parenting and make the process simple and easy, so that families can focus on having fun together while fostering relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

I assist parents in make family life easier and happier. 

All this, because I use evidence and research-based techniques to help parents create the relationship they want with their children.

Ready to learn my secrets? I'm ready to share them!


When you enroll in this course, you'll learn:

  • The 

  • The 

  • How to 


On Completion.....

Because if you want to become the successful parent you want to be for your kids, and build lasting relationships with them, build on trust and respect, you need training and won't get there by winging it! ......

You'll get 7 emails over 7 days with information and practices that will require 10 minutes or less. After one week, you'll know exactly how to ...... You in?


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