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Astounding research from over 30 YEARS AGO by Dr Bruce Lipton

As kids we are taught, in school and particularly science class, how the world works. This creates belief systems, that we think to be true. Beliefs are conclusions we have made derived either from information or experiences we encounter. In fact, your beliefs are so powerful, they determine your biological and behavioural reality. One such belief is that genes have controlled the characters of our lives.


According to Dr Lipton, if we believe that genes are controlling the characters of our lives, then we become victim to our own lives. Our lives are not in our control but rather under the control of our genes, which has been proven not to be true. This has been proven countless times by the placebo affect. A person has been healed purely by their belief in the pill! So what this is telling us is that you are seeing the world not as it is, but as you are, due to subjective opinion. For example, if you attend a presentation with a friend, you may both have heard the same presentation yet you will have very different perceptions of the presentation.


Another belief, according to Dr Lipton, is that the nucleus was always thought to be the command centre of the cell, because it carries the genes. 


Yet it’s been found that genes don’t control biology the way we thought it does. The nucleus is in fact the blueprint for production of new proteins - only when they are needed! The cell is a machine made up of parts that interact with one another to function. 

Why is this important?


There are two different proteins that provide for your physical structure, as well as your behaviour! 


In Dr Lipton's book, The Biology of Belief, he explains that Your behaviour is in fact not due to your genes, but your environment (or your perception). There is no DNA involved, there are no genes involved, simply just stimulus response. The brain of the cell he found to be the skin (membrane) of the cell.

I went on to investigate further. If you just so much as google:

“What is the control centre of a cell?”

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 10.04.25

Almost every link you click on will tell you that the nucleus is the control centre of the cell. 


So what’s the big deal?


When Dr Lipton's new research came about, everyone thought he was crazy, because it had been "proven" that the nucleus is the brain of the cell, the control centre of the cell. When new science comes out, it takes an average of 15 years to change the general public’s “belief” for this to be true! Not to mention that only 35% of people have trust in scientists!


If this research came out almost 30 years ago, then why are schools still teaching incorrect science? Could this mean that universities are still teaching doctors incorrect science? If doctors only know what they are taught, is it possible that they are prescribing medication to children for behaviours they belief are caused by genetics and misdiagnosing people due to incorrect science? Never mind that doctors are incentivized to prescribe certain medication.

Little Boy Playing Doctor

According to Dr Bruce Lipton, Perception controls behaviour (movement). The behaviour is not programmed, in fact, it is responding to whatever signals are in the environment.


Belief changes your genes, perception changes your genes, and then rewrites them!


How relevant is this to parenting?


Some studies proved that lack of parental warmth and love can make children more stressed, since parents put too much pressure on them to succeed without balancing it with affection. A child’s growth and development will be stunted by 30% or more if there is no love! According to Unicef, toxic stress, due to neglect and abuse, "can portend physical, mental and behavioural problems in adulthood." If children feel they need to protect themselves and are growing up in fear because their walls of protection have shut themselves down, their growth is stunted, many children becoming autistic. An autistic child is one not responding to the environment (ie. the system starts shutting down). 


The conclusion is that when in fear you are shutting down your growth and development mechanisms, but when in love, you enhance growth and development. 

Mom and a Child

We are constantly fed information from the media or anywhere from our environment in fact, that encourages us to live in fear, and this has a direct impact on our stress. 


Fight or Flight = higher stress = shut down immune system = less intelligence.


We are taught perception filters, from our parents, from life, from teachers. We are taught to believe the things we perceive, and this has a direct impact on our genes!


Bottom line: Knowledge is power! 

Vitamins and pills

So when you visit a doctor with your child who diagnoses your child with X, Y and Z, one must remember what the doctor has been taught. Remember this: The pharmaceutical industry determines the curriculum in medical school. They cannot make money by selling the idea that consciousness can actually heal, therefore they are not interested in this science.


Is there a way we can stop this? Dr Bruce Lipton suggests that one can stop buying the drugs that affect you, your child and your bodies, as you have the natural equivalent of that drug in your own body already because the receptor is present. According to Dr Katharina Johnson's article, if one takes control of your cell’s environment you can heal yourself, and through meditation and changing your beliefs to change your genetic expression, you can change your life.


However, one also needs to consider that illnesses and deaths are one among many terrible consequences of the crisis of trust suffered by science institutions in recent years.

How  is    this relevant to a child's development?

The first 7 years of a person’s life is the “program” for the 95% of how your life will be lived thereafter. This is the “filter” of your perception. So what, as parents, are we allowing our children to filter? It comes down to self-sabotage and the way you’ve grown up: A great reference for this is the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Now what is extremely important is that all of us have negative behaviours, but are we aware of them? We can rely on the people around us to communicate in a nice conversational way, and tell us what kind of behaviours are not being portrayed positively, then we can do something about it! This is where communication, and the way in which people communicate with each other is so important, because if someone comes across as a personal attack on you, your behaviour won’t change. 


As a person, you too need to be open minded to the people around you, take their feedback, not get emotional about it or take it personally, process it, take a look at yourself, and realize if a few people are saying the same things about a certain behaviour of yours, then you may need to work on it.


The bottom line is, that we have to raise our children differently. This is called Conscious Parenting. You need to be conscious of your own “BAD” parenting, in order to raise your child in the best way possible so that their genes are not “programmed” negatively for life. Dr Lipton adds that your child is not functioning consciously until the age of 7. Before that they are taking in data, and as a parent, you want that data to be positive.


You want to be the most positive parent to your child, constantly building them up. You are responsible for the type pf environment and messages you project and portray to your child. If a child receives “I CAN” messages, they turn those messages into “I CAN” experiences as adults. This programing as a child becomes habit of perception and behaviour.


What’s also very important to remember, as Dr. Lipton mentions, is that you are personally responsible for everything in your life once you become aware that you are personally responsible for everything in your life. You must not blame yourself for any wrong doings to you or your child before any of this has come to light. If things have derailed before you became aware of the gravity of your actions, you can’t be totally responsible, but you must hold accountability. You had no knowledge and had lack of power to do something about it before, but now, now you have knowledge. Now you have the power to do something about it and take responsibility for your actions. 


Whatever has happened between you and your child prior to reading this, is history. Take it as a lesson. You can have a completely different life, once you take this knowledge and do something about it. Now go, and DO IT! :)

Find the whole presentation and London Real interview with Dr Bruce Lipton below:


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