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Parenting Adolescents

Reasons why your teen is moody and how to connect with them as their brains are developing

Expert: Dan Siegel

Positive Parenting Conference by: A Fine Parent


Where the attention goes, neuro-firing flows, and neuro-connection grows. You "Use it to loose it". You decide what neurons you are going to keep and which ones you will throw away. This happens so that the adolescent gets ready to “leave the nest”. 


The new 3 R's for adolescence:

  • Reflection

  • Relationship

  • Resilience


Tools to empower adolescence with:

  1. The time-in breathing tool

  2. Focusing on 3 attention skills - when taught to adolescence with attention deficit disorders, the improvement in attention was in fact more robust than when they had been taking medication!


If an adolescent is sleep deprived, they are in fact poisoning their brain. Not only are their brains being remodeled during this crucial time, but if they are sleep deprived they would be more at risk for diabetes because the insulin metabolism doesn’t metabolize food as well. 



Another interesting point that is made, is that there is no research that indicates that more than 1 hour of homework for high school kids is beneficial. This is also affecting their sleep and stress.

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