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Choose a Time-In opposed to a Time-Out.


What is a time-in and how is it different from a time-out?

Time-in is exactly as the name suggests. It teaches people and children to go inwards. It is teaching your child emotional and social skills, and how to regulate their emotions, thoughts and actions through coregulation. In other words, you are going through the process WITH your child. It is not something you are doing to your child.

Time-in promotes mentally healthy children! 


What does time-out tell your child?

Time-out is a punishment, something you are doing to your child. It gives your child the following message:

“You are being bad, you are bad, and because of that I am going to remove my attention and love from you.”

Behaviour / Rewards Charts are also not recommended, as they may work for cooperative children in the short term, but research shows that they are in fact not beneficial in the long term. Read more about Reward Charts and what you can do instead here.


Remember: Misbehaviour is an unmet need! Meet your child's need by helping them through their emotions as opposed to cutting them off by means of isolation.

The Time-In Toolkit (EQ Pack):

The Time-in Toolkit concept is simple: Children have a section they can call "My Calming Corner". The time-in method allows your child the opportunity to work through their emotions and reflect through means of coregulation.

Purchase the EQ Pack and Contact Us to book a consultation / home visit on how to implement Time-In / The Calming Space in your home.

The EQ Pack includes:

  • The 4 basic emotions

  • Emotions Vocabulary Sheet: Bringing awareness of emotions

  • What Am I Feeling? Figuring out your feeling to decode your child's behaviour

  • 48 Calming Strategies

  • List of ideas to include in your calming basket

  • How To Implement Your Calming Space at Home


The CAS Families Calming Corner

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We are happy to offer assistance, guidance and support in terms of how to implement a calming space in your home or classroom.

Contact us here for Parenting Support in Child Behaviour and Development or email to find out about the next course/workshop. Register for our Positive Discipline course to learn all the tools to equip you with becoming the positive, conscious, and empowered parent you envision for your family!

Module 2: Effective Discipline, Implementing a Calming Space and Fostering EQ

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Need Support? Choose a support plan here:

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