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2019 - 2021

Positive Parenting Conference

Key Takeaways - Summary of most important snippets from each expert

Expert Parenting Tips That Will Transform Your FAMILY TODAY!

Solutions for Everyday Parenting

Parenting 2-7 year olds

Techniques for breaking through resistance with younger children using connection

Experts: Joanna Faber and Julie King

Handling Stress in Children

Approaches to simplifying your children's lives in order to lessen the stress that will impact

their growth and development

Expert: Kim John Payne

Sibling Rivalry

Methods to coach your children through conflicts with their siblings

Expert: Dr Laura Markham

Parenting Adolescents

Reasons why your teen is moody and how to connect with them as their brains are developing

Expert: Dr Dan Siegel

Relationship Focused Parenting

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions

Techniques to meet the unmet needs your child has that is causing challenging behavior

Expert: Dr Ross Greene

Parenting Spirited Kids

Methods to coach your spirited child through their worst tantrums and into learning the tools to self-advocate ​

Expert: Dr Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Decoding a Child's Needs

Approaches to responding rather than reacting to your child's unwanted behaviors

Expert: Pam Leo

"Forever" Relationships

Reasons why respect is the foundation to building a healthy and loving relationship with your spouse that your children can model in their own relationships

Expert: Ramona Zabriskie

Habits and Life Skills

Fostering Independence

Approaches to developing the habits of initiative taking, problem solving, and shouldering responsibility that will ensure your child becomes a competent adult

Expert: Julie Lythcott-Haims

Behaviour Change

Techniques to coach your child into developing healthy habits and getting

them out of the ones that might not be so healthy

Expert: James Clear

School Success

Ways to embrace Autonomy Supportive Parenting and successful parent- teacher partnerships to ensure success at school

Expert: Jessica Lahey

Navigating the Digital World

Methods to ensure your child can navigate through the digital world safely ​

Expert: Dr Devorah Heitner

Happiness and Contentment

The Science of Happiness

The relationship between happiness and success, and how to use this to both help your kids succeed and find more fulfillment in your own parenting journey

Expert: Shawn Achor

Breaking Free From Anxiety

Methods to coach your child into developing their own internal voice and strategies for beating anxiety and worry

Expert: Lynn Lyons

Happier Parenting

Simple techniques to ensure more happiness in your household – particularly around mornings and mealtimes ​

Expert: KJ Dell'Antonia

Removing Shame from Parenting

Approaches to removing the shame from your parenting and helping kids develop a healthier resilience against shame and disappointment

Expert: Mercedes Samudio

More Masterclasses

Playful Parenting

Play is children’s way of exploring the world, communicating deep feelings, getting close to those they care about, working through stressful situations, and simply blowing off steam. This is so important in building strong, close bonds between parents and children. Through play we join our kids in their world–and help them to navigate their everyday struggles.

Expert: Dr Lawrence Cohen


ScreamFree Parenting

You can have the structured, rewarding home life you’ve always craved, with respectful kids who are responsible for their own actions. All you have to do is learn to pause, so you can respond more and react less. It really is that simple. Once you learn to control your own emotions and behaviour, your children will soon learn how to control theirs.

Expert: Hal Runkel


Managing Our Emotions

Alongside all of the joy comes an emotional freight train full of challenges and frustration. Your child can instantly trigger strong emotional reactions that leave you feeling angry and out of control. What if you didn’t respond so emotionally every time? What if you could learn to be more present to the experience you were having? Might you begin to feel like a better parent?
Learn how to calming the drama and taking control of your parenting journey to help navigate the roller coaster of parenting

Expert: Casey O'Roarty


Getting Kids To Cooperate

While most parenting programs are designed to coerce kids to change, this shows you how to come alongside your children to awaken their natural instincts to cooperate, rather than at them with threats or bribes, which inevitably fuels their resistance. By staying calm and being the confident “Captain of the ship” your child needs, you will learn how to parent from a place of strong, durable connection, and you’ll be better able to help your kids navigate the challenging moments of growing up.

Expert: Susan Stiffelman

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